Let's Fool Around Sex Dice


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Gender: For Couples

Brand: Unbranded

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The sexy adult foreplay game for 2 (or more) naked or semi-naked grown-ups.

Roll the sex dice and you'll be given 4 body parts to attend to with 1 saucy action to get to work on.

5 dice help you create new and exciting ways to enjoy foreplay.

If you're in a playful mood but not exactly sure what to do, this set of sex dice will inspire your desire.

1 dice features actions (suck, tickle, lick, stroke, kiss, blow on) and 4 dice feature body parts (chest, face, inner thighs, back, lips, penis/clitoris).

Because this set has 4 dice with body parts on, you can either use one each, or roll them all and make up your own combinations.

Why not try making your own sexy game by rolling these alongside numbered dice in your favourite board game? Snakes and ladders, anyone?

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