Calapro Latex Finger Cots (144 Pack)

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Latex gloves: they're a pain aren't they? Why is it every time you need to wear them, they suddenly become more impossible than a Rubik's cube? Take the fuss out of foreplay with these individual latex finger cots that cover each digit with glorious ease.

We've all been there; that brain-hurting, finger-mashing (and somewhat embarrassing) moment when you simply CANNOT get a glove on your hand.

You're SURE it had 5 fingers, and last time you checked so did you, so what.


happening?! Unlike fiddly gloves these singular latex finger covers roll on with ease and measure 3 inches in length and 1.

2 inches in width (when un-stretched flat on a table) and stretch to accommodate most finger sizes.

Once on, they provide a medical-grade barrier that won't leave you with clammy hands (or questioning how many fingers you have!) that's safe with water-based lube and perfect for all sorts of intimate exploration.

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