ElectraStim Uni-Polar ElectraLoops Attachments (2 pack)

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Colour: Black

Gender: For Couples

Brand: ElectraStim

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A pair of uni-polar adjustable loops that transmit electrical charges from an Electrastim unit straight to your cock and balls.

Place one electrosex cock ring around your shaft and the other around your scrotum for an electrifying masturbation experience.

These super-conductive electrosex loops are the ideal way for him to discover the joys of hands-free orgasms when using an Electra Stim power unit.

Made from a super electrically conductive rubber material, they channel the tingling power straight to your sexiest parts for an experience unlike any other.

The size adjuster ensures that they can be fully adjusted for comfort and once adjusted the slider keeps them firmly in place.

As they're made from rubber they will stretch and expand when you do, assuring comfort throughout play.

Wear one loop at the base of the penis and one around your scrotum, or place both around either the scrotum of penis.

Add a lick of conductive gel (not supplied) to each loop where it is in contact with the skin and power up your unit.

Gently increase power and experiment with different patterns to enjoy an erotic adventure unlike any other you've ever experienced.

Please note: These loops both need to be worn in order for the electricity to conduct.

You may also use one loop and another uni-polar toy.

Requires bi-polar electro-sex power unit with 2mm pins to operate (sold separately).

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