MY.SIZE 47mm Snug Condoms (3 Pack)

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Gender: For Men

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Slipping, wrinkling, and ill-fitting condoms are a thing of the past, thanks to MY.


These smaller latex condoms measure 47mm in width and 160mm in length to give a snug fit to men who find regular condoms a tad too roomy.


SIZE condoms are available in a range of sizes not found elsewhere on the market to provide a great fit for men who struggle to find condoms that feel comfortable.

Using a soft tape measure, check the diameter, circumference and length of your erect penis, then choose the condom size to fit.

47mm width makes these condoms ideal for men with a girth of 9.

5 - 10cm.

These condoms are pre-lubricated with a slippery silicone lube and have been designed for easy unrolling.

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