System JO Titillator Nipple Arousal Gel 30ml

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Gender: For Women

Brand: System JO

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Amplify nipple sensitivity and explore the orgasm-inducing power of your nipples with System Jo's arousal gel.

Flavoured with cooling mint, just one pump sends tingles through each nipple, helping them become perky and responsive to each and every caress.

Have you tried nipple play in the past and are still wondering what all the fuss is about? Or maybe you already love nipple play, but want to take your pleasure to the next level.

Either way, this slick, flavoured gel is sure to enhance your fun in the bedroom.

Apply just one pump of this fast-acting nipple gel to each beautiful bosom-button to experience instant tingles and sensational arousal.

The cool mint flavour is sure to keep your lovers lips locked to your nips - why not ask them to experiment while they're there and try sucking, licking and nibbling your nipples to discover what you like best? Results may vary.

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