THRUST Mesh Drawstring Male Sex Toy Bag

Web ID: TH-66625

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Colour: White

Gender: For Men

Brand: Thrust

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Keep your THRUST stroker in tip top condition by hanging it in this mesh drawstring bag after use.

Designed to improve airflow during storage, the drawstring bag keeps your toy's real-feel material supple and ever-ready to please.

The THRUST sex toy bag measures 10 x 10.

5 inches and will accommodate all THRUST Pro Mini and THRUST Pro Ultra models.

Only place 1 toy in the bag at a time.

After use, maintain your THRUST toy by spraying with sex toy cleaner and rinsing clean with warm water.

Leave to dry, wipe with a clean cloth, then coat the exterior with THRUST Renewer Powder.

Now flip the toy inside-out and dust the interior with renewer powder, then place in the THRUST mesh bag, ideally suspending the bag by its drawstring to allow air to circulate.

You can use your THRUST bag to help your toy air-dry quickly after washing, before applying the renewer powder.

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