Fun Factory Bendy Beads Silicone Anal Beads 7 Inch

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Colour: Black

Brand: Fun Factory

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Combining the elegance, flexibility and dexterity of an Olympic-standard gymnast, the Bendy Beads wow your bottom with wave after wave of pleasure.

The pleasure starts slowly, then builds as the elliptical beads (and ridges) get steadily bigger.

Beautifully sculpted, the firm medical-grade silicone beads are designed to give you a lifetime of bottom thrills.

The smallest bead has a modest diameter of 0.

6 of an inch, before graduating up to a fulfilling 1.

5 inches for a mind-blowing crescendo.

Pull the beads out at the point of climax for a release like never before.

Top tip: Achieve extra glide and comfort with oodles of water-based anal lube.

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