Magic Motion Flamingo App Controlled Kegel Exerciser

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Colour: Pink

Gender: For Women

Brand: Unbranded

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Build up to better orgasms and stronger kegels with the Magic Motion Flamingo, an Apple or Android app-controlled exerciser that flutters to 3 constant speeds, 4 set patterns, your custom design, ambient sounds or your favourite song.




Perfectly sculpted to suit your inner anatomy, the Flamingo's body inserts upside-down, with its long neck acting as a comfortable retrieval cord.

On its head is the on button so you can stay in control at all times and scroll through the patterns manually if your Smartphone's not to hand.

Experience music from the inside out as the app vibrates in time to the rhythm, or set it to tune into your lover's voice so their every word ignites internal fireworks.

Enjoy a smooth experience by coating your Flamingo's body with water-based lubricant before use.

Please note: Smartphone not included, but strongly advised to fully realise the scope of this toy.

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