Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls 78g

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Colour: Pink

Gender: For Women

Brand: Tracey Cox

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A workout minus the sweat, tears and pain? Yes, it is possible.

Tracey Cox's weighted kegel balls give you an incredible workout, are wonderfully discreet, and best of all, result in stronger muscle tone and better-than-ever orgasms.

Tempted? "If you want to have great sex, keep your genitals fit and toned.

Squeeze around these balls to make your vagina feel tighter (for him) and increase sensation (for you).

Perfect post-pregnancy or for women who want stronger orgasms." Tracey Cox Reach for your bottle of water-based lube and give the smooth balls a slippery coating of the good stuff before inserting them high into the vagina for a great internal workout.

The more you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles around the balls, the more toned and tighter they'll become.

Use your Supersex toner balls anywhere and anytime for a discreet internal workout.

The more you use them, the better your sex life becomes.

The Supersex Toner Balls weigh a combined 78g and a great for both beginners and intermediate kegel ball users.

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