Tracey Cox Supersex Single Silicone Toner Ball 39g

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Colour: Pink

Gender: For Women

Brand: Tracey Cox

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Tracey Cox's Toner Ball can help catapult your orgasms to extreme heights.

Weighted with a free-roaming ball, the jiggle ball is the perfect workout partner for kegel toning and discreet stimulation, and can even boost the strength of your orgasms.

"The original toner balls come in a pair but some women said a single ball was more comfortable to insert.

So here it is.

Simple squeeze around the inserted ball to help tone and tighten pelvic floor muscles." Tracey Cox By squeezing your muscles to keep the ball in place, your body is given an intense internal workout.

Prolonged use strengthens your pelvic floor muscles and helps you achieve stronger, more intense orgasms and control.


Discreet internal stimulation is another benefit of this single toner ball.

The free-roaming weight jiggles around inside the silicone sphere and stimulates and simultaneously tones you with every movement.

Top tip: Apply a little water-based sex lube to yourself and the toner ball for easy insertion.

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