Toy Joy Duo of Glass Love Balls 40g

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Colour: Clear

Gender: For Women

Brand: Toy Joy

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Do you want stronger orgasms? Of course you do! Tighten your tuppence to assist Earth-shattering climaxes with this duo of love balls by Toy Joy.

At 40g in weight and petite in size they're perfect for those who are still getting used to kegel exercises.

Suitable for users who fall somewhere between "beginner" and "intermediate" due to their lightweight but small proportions, they offer more of a challenge than larger jiggle balls, without being too heavy.

Each ball weighs 20g and can be removed from its hypoallergenic silicone sling for a less demanding first-time workout.

When you're ready to step things up a gear, try inserting both balls without the harness for a more ambitious workout.

Regular use can tighten your vagina while helping you achieve stronger orgasms.

Talk about a winning combination! Always use a generous squeeze of water-based lubricant for smooth insertion.

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