Original Small Steel Ben Wa Balls

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Colour: Silver

Gender: For Women

Brand: Seven Creations

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Never mind the leg day workout for knee-trembling exercises: these small steel Ben Wa balls offer a far more thrilling fitness regime, designed to tone your pelvic floor muscles.

The result? More intense orgasms and greater kegel control.


Perfect for advanced users, these small balls are held in place with your pelvic floor muscles for effective muscle toning.

To use, simply coat the balls in lubricant, and wear for approximately 30 minutes a day to get the greatest results.

Please note: These Ben Wa balls have no retrieval cord, and should only be used if you are confident you will be able to remove them.

You should be able retrieve them easily by standing up and coughing, but if you're still having trouble then crouch down and cough - that should do it!

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