DOMINIX Deluxe Vinyl King Size Bedsheet

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Colour: Black

Gender: For Couples


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tian cotton bedsheets sighing a sigh of relief.

Okay - so we might not know much about bedsheets, but we can tell you that your mattress is finally going to get the break it deserves.

With this waterproof sheet in your collection you'll never need pause play to lay down a towel or end up sleeping in a wet patch again.

Lay the vinyl bed sheet over or under your everyday bedding to protect your soft furnishings from any and all mess.

With your soft stuff covered, you and your partner can finally kick back and fully immerse yourselves in your erotic shenanigans and enjoy total fulfilment.

Why not discover how to squirt, or experiment with watersports? With this sheet in your home, the world is your oyster! Suitable for covering a wide range of furnishings, so why not throw it over your sofa or floor for a change of scenery? The practical sheet has a multitude of uses, including making a pretty fabulous slip-and-slide for the garden.

Just add lube.

As not seen in the John Lewis catalogue.

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