Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle

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Colour: White

Gender: For Couples

Brand: Sex In the Shower

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'Twist'n'Lock' bathroom accessories, this sturdy handle is more than just your average suction cup device.

With levers that create faultless hold on any smooth surface the twin suction design gives you reliable support to avoid slips and falls in the bathroom.

The strong waterproof plastic handle features two secure suction cups which lock onto any smooth surface with a diameter of at least 4 inches and an ergonomic grip point that's the perfect proportion for any size hand.

It's perfect for maintaining grip in slippery environments and can be used to achieve amazing positions.

Easy and fun to use, you'll be having safe shower sex in no time! For thoroughly safe shower sex, follow the "3 points of contact" rule that's often taught in climbing classes to minimise risk.

To achieve this, we recommend pairing the Suction Handle with the Sex in the Shower Locking Suction Foot Rest for proper support.

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