Pipedream Portable Sex Machine

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Colour: Black

Gender: For Women

Brand: Pipedream

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Though it may not have been what James Brown had in mind, you'll certainly be dying to get on up on this portable sex machine from Pipedream.

Choose from its 2 toy attachments to discover its thrilling, thrusting action.

Weighing in at just 1.

4kg, and measuring 8 x 7 x 5 inches, this sex machine really can be taken anywhere you want to be - well - 'taken'.

The kit includes a Universal adaptor and cable for play anywhere in the world, and comes in a discreet carry case for portability.

Take your pick from the 2 attachable dildos, screw onto the side of the machine and you're ready to rock.

Share the pleasure with a partner, or use the foot/hand straps on either side for easy solo play.

You can even enjoy dual stimulation from the third, separately controlled USB-powered dildo vibrator to combine external stimulation with internal thrusting for delicious blended orgasms.

Handily, this vibrator also doubles as a multi-speed controller for the sex machine's thrusting action.

The machine can be attached to any flat surface using the 4 x strong suction cups on the base, opening up a whole world of hands-free play possibilities.

Together with the lockable case, the machine comes with a feather teaser and blindfold for wonderfully varied experimentation.

Just drizzle the dildos with the included samples of water-based lubricant and let the fun begin.

Please note: Feather tickler may vary in colour to the one in the picture.

Due to its size, we are unable to ship to USA, Canada or Australia.

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