Fetish Fantasy Series 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing

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Colour: Black

Gender: For Couples

Brand: Fetish Fantasy

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From zero gravity fantasies to elaborate bedroom bondage positions, this spinning sex swing from Fetish Fantasy Series allows you to get into tricky positions easily for better sex together.

Now any couple can have sex like porn stars.

Unlike regular, stationary love swings, this spinning swing rotates a full 360 degrees so you can spin and swing simultaneously.

Offering increased mobility and improved motion, your bedroom repertoire is expanded as a whole new world of sexy possibilities make themselves known.

Many of the positions achievable with this spinning sex swing would require a great deal of exertion and skill to hold for even short periods of time, but the swing makes it easy and fun.

The adjustable straps ensure you always have the best positioning possible for you and your partner.

2 padded faux fur straps and a pair of leg stirrups provide full-body support in a variety of positions.

Wear the straps under your back, bottom, neck or legs to complement your desired position and let the swing take the full weight of your body.

Please note: Do not exceed weight limit of 350lbs.

Always read the instructions thoroughly before beginning installation.

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