Fetish Fantasy Door Swing

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Colour: Black

Gender: For Couples

Brand: Fetish Fantasy

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Always wanted a sex swing but don't have the room? This bondage favourite allows you to turn your household doors into a couples sex toy instantly.

Made from Neoprene and thick Nylon, it's incredibly sturdy and super-comfortable for vertical hanky panky.

Fully adjustable to ensure comfort not matter how tall or short you are, this easy-to-use sex swing is ideal for those in rented accommodation or house shares.

The swing threads over your door with secure fittings holding it in place when the door is closed.

All you have to do is adjust the harness to suit your positions and enjoy.

Two comfortable stirrups provide support for your feet, ankles, knees or legs and two handles help you gain leverage and support your weight in the most difficult-to-hold positions.

An absolute must-have for couples who like to get it on in the upright position, but have a large height difference between them.

No more tippy toes or hunched over lovemaking!

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