Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion

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Colour: Black

Gender: For Couples

Brand: Liberator

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berator's legendary 'Responsive Core', this wedge-shaped pillow offers sensational support that won't let you down (even when you're really going for it!).

Plus, thanks to its perfectly formed tapered shape, it lifts you and your partner into an optimum position for direct erogenous zone contact for foolproof finales.

To use, lay the pillow on its flat surface and enjoy unrivalled support in almost any sex position.

The curved surface fits into the natural contours of your back, sides and hips just like a puzzle-piece to lift and support you both no matter what you get up to.

Using the cushion this way is particularly brilliant for oral pleasure when static support is vital for both their pleasure, and your neck! Fancy something a little different? Flip the cushion onto its curved side for see-saw-style sexing and enjoy rhythmic waves of full-body arousal as you rock back and forth towards glorious release.

Once you've mastered the basics, why not go back and experiment with those complicated positions you could never hold before? Something tells us you'll really nail it (ahem) with Liberator at your side (or front, or back...)

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