Liberator Sex Position Wedge

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Colour: Blue

Gender: For Couples

Brand: Liberator

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A boost for your bedroom, the Liberator Wedge offers a 27-degree angle of elevation for more precise contact with her clitoris, deeper penetration for his penis, and a wider range of motion.

Liberating times! More positions to try with noticeably magnified sensations.

A must-have for oral enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys a good rogering...

Try these fun positions: Moon Walker It's targeted delivery that offers multiple entry options.

If he's under control, he can slow-dance intricately intense sensations inside her as he glides in and out.

Alley Oop! With her belly rested on the scintillatingly textured microfibre and her bum begging for attention, all you have to do is let your instinct for exploration take over...

Liberator US patent holder One Up Innovations is the creator and true innovator of these unique products.

Beware of imitations.

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