Liberator BonBon Toy Mount

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Brand: Liberator

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What was it Fergie said? Something about humps and lumps? Get love drunk off this hump without "spendin' all your money" and enjoy sensational hands-free orgasms with Liberator.

Soft, supportive and keeps your sex toy in prime position for mega-O's.

As with all Liberator sex cushions, the Bon Bon is made from high density foam and benefits from a 'Responsive Core' that easily supports 2 bodies during rumpy-pumpy playtime.

It also comes with a removable microfibre cover and water-resistant lining to make clean up and maintenance a doddle.

What makes this cushion a little different from the others in the Liberator range is the innovative toy slot that holds your favourite dildo or vibrator in place for sensational hands-free fun.

Thanks to a unique slit in the top of the cushion, this toy mount is compatible with both flared and non-flared base toys.

Tuck the liner into the specially designed side channels to secure any flared base toy, or push the liner right down into the full depth of the slot for non-flared toys.

Adding this innovative position pillow to your sex life will enhance masturbation, enable hands free arousal and even make double penetration a piece of cake when enjoyed with your partner.

With so many options that add freedom to your erotic play, it's easy to see where the Liberator gets its name.

Please note: Vibrator is not included.

Due to the size and weight of this item, we are currently unable to ship to Germany.

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